Laura Cartwright, Massage Therapist

Laura is the founder of Back 2 Perfect. As a fully trained massage therapist she has developed a practice with carefully selected therapists that offer a wide range of massage modalities. She searches for leading-edge healing techniques that are incorporated in the massage work to provide healing and lasting results.

Cody Morris, Massage Therapist

Cody specializes in injury relief, deep tissue massage, and triggerpoint therapy. He is skilled in myofacial release, works with pain relief and healing in all areas of the body and specializes in neck and shoulder stress.

Alexandra Martinez, Manager/ Esthetician

The first face, when walking into our office that you are most likely to see is Alex, greeting you with a smile and an upbeat personality. She handles our wonderful clients with bookings and appointments and keeps our office in order. If she happens to be missing she must be with a client of her own as an esthetician.

Willie Myers, Massage Therapist

Willie practices all types of therapeutic massage, his specialty is in sports massage with a emphasis on legs and hips. When you are injured, he will help identify the best treatment to heal your body. He can develop a plan that will facilitate healing.

Lorie Gordon, Esthetician/Massage Therapist

Lorie is a massage therapist specializing in deep tissue, hot stone and facial cranial massage. She also does prenatal massage. She tailors each massage to the unique needs of the individual.

Stephanie Wiesner, Massage Therapist

The outgoing Stephanie graduated from National Holistic Institute and has been a massage therapist for almost 20 years. Although familiar with many different massage techniques, Stephanie primarily focuses on: Deep Tissue Myofascial Release Trigger Point Therapy...