Mark Smith specializes in an advanced technique for Myofascial Release using the John Barnes Method.

He comes to us from Spokane, Washington where he had his own practice for several years. Mark developed a treatment for helping clients be free of chronic pain called Myofascial Release 4 Chronic Pain. He focuses on treating people who have been in chronic pain for months and have tried all else and not gotten permanent pain relief.

Mark’s philosophy for treating patients:

“It never made sense to me to think that I can help someone get out of pain by treating them with a modality that causes pain. I work with each patient to make sure that the treatment does not cause new pain or make existing pain worse.” 

Learn more about Mark’s treatment: Myofascial Release 4 Chronic Pain.


  • Patient evaluations to determine likely causes of clients pain.
  • Develop patient specific plan to treat causes of chronic pain
  • Teach patients how to treat their pain using myofascial stretching techniques so they can stay out of pain
  • Teach patients to change their thinking about pain and then changing their behavior that perpetuates their Pain
  • Trigger Point Therapy
  • Anatomy Knowledge
  • Pain Management


Massage School in Massage Therapy, Post Falls, ID

Bachelor of Science in Business, University of New Orleans