PACKAGES: Post Op Healing Massage x 4



Package of 4

Only $125 per 60-minute sessions

Regular Price $135 for 60-min

Our Post Op massage can be very helpful for clients recovering from surgery, and you will often find you need more than one treatment to get the recovery you are looking for with lasting results.

We’ve put together this package for those who want ongoing treatments, saving $10 per session.

This price is available when you purchase the package. There are no refunds on packages or for sessions not used. Expires 5 years after date of purchase.



Post Op Healing Massage Treatment

A treatment for patients who have undergone surgery and are looking at how to get their body back to normal.

Operations cause scar tissue, showing up as lumpy muscles and tissue. But the problem is deeper than just what you see on the outside. Using microcurrent and radio/ light frequencies to drain the lymphatic system and break down scar tissue.

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