Let’s Talk About Osteoporosis

Massage Therapy Can Help! by Elena Vasell Osteoporosis has been quite a popular topic in the last two months at Back 2 Perfect. Recently a client asked me if massage can help with bone density, so it might be helpful to talk about massage and its role in the presence...

Do you have “Tech Neck”? The answer is likely yes.

Let’s talk about this pain in the neck! There are close to three million smartphone users in the United States. The average American spends about four and a half hours every day staring at their mobile screen. The postural position of hunching forward over a screen...

Laura Cartwright, Owner

Laura is the founder of Back 2 Perfect. As a fully trained massage therapist she has developed a practice with carefully selected therapists that offer a wide range of massage modalities.

Cody Morris, Massage Therapist

Cody specializes in injury relief, deep tissue massage, and triggerpoint therapy. He is skilled in myofacial release, works with pain relief and healing in all areas of the body and specializes in neck and shoulder stress.

Suzanne Nicholson, Esthetician, Oncology-Trained

Suzanne is a licensed esthetician specializing in thorough skincare and facial treatments, helping with transformation of those with aging and health-challenged skin. She uses all organic products on your skin.