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Specials on Chinese Massage, Muscle Rehab and NEW Asian Facial!

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New! Asian-Inspired Revitalize Facial!

$10 Off regular price of $140

60 minute Reinvigorating Customized Facial

Uses the best of Asian skin care tools: the Kansa Wand (an East Indian Ayurvedic traditional tool made of pure copper, tin, and zinc) and genuine jade scraper and rollers to guide in Gua Sha (Chinese) facial massage.

This treatment helps relieve pain and tension in face and jaw, stimulates blood circulation, reduces puffiness and inflammation, detoxifies, aids in lymphatic drainage, balances skin pH levels, combats premature aging, fine lines, and sculpts the skin.

USE COUPON CODE: Reviltalize10

Muscle Rehab Massage

$99 for 60 min / $148.50 for 90 min

Sore, tight, injured muscles?

This massage is designed to stimulate healing directly to your muscle.

Targeted to relax tight constricted muscles, relieving pain and discomfort. Improves mobility and range of motion. This treatment is good for chronic connective tissue restrictions.


Save BIG on Chinese Medical Massage with Don

$110 Chinese Medical Massage

Regular price $135

Or $165 for 90 min (reg. $200)

Chinese Massage is the oldest known form of massage. It is a vigorous massage which involves energy work using the meridans and stretching like in Thai massage.

It is generally a clothes on massage, but can also be adapted to oil massage. This massage focuses on flowing between the different parts of the body to increase circulation. It moves from more surface to deeper with different hand forms, brushing for the skin, na, grasping for the muscles, an, pressing for the blood, and mo, polishing for the bones.

The Chinese Medical Massage can be combined with Acupuncture for the same price.

USE THESE COUPON CODES: Don60 (60 min) and Don90 (90min)