Specialty Body Treatments

Body Shaping Treatment
This treatment features Microcurrent LED, Cavitation Ultrasound, Radio Frequency and Lymphatic. These tools are selected to best get you your desired results.

Lift and tighten without invasive surgery. Radio Frequency Treatment combines the proven technology of RF for heating the subcutaneous region of the body with a therapeutic cooling head to produce maximum results with no discomfort. Youthful skin vitality is restored. Collagen and elastin are restored. Tightens and lifts.

$165 (60 min) / $245 (90 min)

Signature Deluxe Treatment (Massage, Microcurrent/LED, with Infrared Sauna Bed)
Back 2 Perfect’s Signature Treatment. Detox massage followed by cutting edge Micro-current/LED Body Sculpting used on specific area’s. Detox in our relaxing Infir red sauna bed reducing tension and muscle soreness while eliminating fat cells. Enjoy this relaxing, cellulite reducing treatment. 3 treatments combined for amazing results.

$245 (1 1/2 – 2 hr treatment)

FAR Infrared Sauna Wrap Treatment (Up to 60 min on Infrared Sauna Bed)
You will be wrapped in a heated FAR Infrared Blanket that will encourage the body to sweat and release toxins.

FAR infrared is a radiant form of natural energy. FAR infrared cannot be seen, but can be felt as a nourishing heat that safely penetrates the skin to increase core-body temperature. This results in an intense, detoxifying, health-boosting sweat that helps you look and feel healthier, happier, and brighter.

With FAR Infrared you will detox as you sweat. We live in a toxic world with pollution, gasses, chemicals on our foods and more. With the help of FAR infrared technology, you can enhance your body’s ability to free itself from toxic chemicals, pathogens, and heavy metals by cleansing from the inside out.

$125 (1 hr treatment)

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