Reiki with Lisa Nichols

Relax, receive and release

Relax, receive, and release energy blocks that can cause imbalances in your physical and emotional wellbeing. Includes a 15-minute initial assessment and 40-minute hands-on healing and chakra clearing.

Reiki is the Japanese word for Universal Life Energy. As a Reiki Master, Lisa has been trained to flow this healing energy from the Universe to the client. Reiki healing energy is very gentle and will naturally go wherever your body needs it. Clients generally feel relaxed during the sessions. Some fall asleep while others feel a variety of sensations. It’s effective whether you feel anything or not.

Read about our Reiki Master, Lisa Nichols.

To schedule a time other than what’s available on the calendar, email Lisa at

Tarot Reading

Lisa also offers Tarot Card Readings that can help you tap into your own inner knowing.

A tarot reading can provide insight, clarity, and awareness on issues you’re experiencing and the direction you’re heading. They use archetypes and other symbology to help you improve your life and reach your full potential.

A tarot reading can be helpful if you’re not sure what you next step is, you’re having a hard time making a decision, or you’re stumped as to why something is happening in your life. It can be general about your life or about something specific – you just need to ask the question.

Choose between a 3-card spread (20 minutes) and a 9-card spread (60 minutes). The reading includes a detailed analysis and consultation.

The 3-card draw is $35 and the 9-card draw is $97. Note: The 3-card reading is available only as an add-on when combined with a Reiki Session.

To schedule a time other than what’s available on the calendar, email Lisa at

Reiki Packages

Get even more healing with a package of 3 Reiki Sessions.

Reiki is a subtle healing energy that works over time. It is like pealing away the layers of an onion. 

Depending on the issues you want to address or goals you want to achieve, you’ll have the best results by having more than one Reiki session. Purchasing a package is a good fit for you if:

  • You have a chronic illness or ongoing medical treatments such as chemotherapy or psychotherapy. Reiki complements medical and holistic treatments by jumpstarting your self-healing ability and balancing your mental, emotional, and physical energies.
  • You’re committed to maintaining your health and wellness. Reiki supports your self-care goals by boosting your immune system, releasing tension and stress, and helping you sleep better.
  • You just like how Reiki makes you feel so calm and relaxed!

You can schedule the sessions according to your needs and timing. Save $30 over the price of three individual sessions.

Package of 3 for only $240

$80 per session with package / regular price $90 for 55-min

Package prices are available when you purchase the package. There are no refunds on packages or for sessions not used. Expires 5 years after date of purchase.