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I’m amazed by how I look!
Laura, I am amazed at how my legs and butt look after your “magic.” I have tried everything to get rid of that awful looking cellulite. I spent a ton of money and time going through the Velashape treatments, among others, only to end up with saggy skin.

Meeting you was so refreshing!!!! You actually cared about trying to find a solution to my problem! And boy oh boy did you hit the jackpot!!! I cannot believe the difference in the appearance of my thighs and butt!!! I used to be self conscious about wearing shorts – not anymore. There were some side effects to your treatment – softer and smoother skin along with my butt getting a lift. WOW!! You are AWESOME!!!
~ Sharon

Superb Facial!
I have come 2 times for a facial and a peel. The esthetician is sooo sweet and very Knowledgeable. That’s saying a lot coming from the girl who has tried everything on the market! The products are great and the staff is friendly. Would defiantly recommend Back2Perfect for anyone looking to transform your skin.
~ Kayla T, Oakley

I am in love…with Back2Perfect
I had the most wonderful massage with Cody. Myofascial release is the only way to go. He managed to find the cervical knot that I had been dealing with for 2 years now. He took time to unleash the pain in my shoulder and low back. I slept like a baby. I rate my massage a 10. Thank you Cody.
~ H.C., Oct. 22, 2013

Thankful for finding Back 2 Perfect
I have fibromyalgia and had an extensive spinal fusion due to scoliosis long ago so I have numerous issues. I don’t know how Cody managed to release muscles and connective tissue that were “stuck” for months/years without any pain! I’m just amazed at how gentle, but absolutely effective he was!! I’m so thankful for Cody and Back 2 Perfect! I feel like I have hope for relief of some of my pain for the first time in a very long, long time!
~ April D

Great Pregnancy Massage
I recently had a pregnancy massage by Laura. She is wonderful! She is extremely knowledgeable and my body feels so much better after she worked on me. I highly recommend Laura.
~ N.T.

Cody Rocks!!
I had a very painful sore shoulder from painting for a month. I was in complete pain. The night after having Cody treat me, it cleared up! It is now just a mere sore feeling – and the pain is gone! Thanks Cody you rock and I’ll be back soon.
~ Daniel Jones

Laura’s amazing
Laura’s been giving me massages for quite a while. I’ve become addicted! Because of Laura, I am able to work longer hours at my computer with a lot less pain. I sent my husband to her and she discovered an injury to his neck. I’d recommend her to all my friends and family.
~ Connie M

Best Massage . . . EVER!
I went to Back2Perfect for an hour-long session, I’ll be honest, I wasn’t expecting much. However the massage was amazing. Cody Morris has magic hands! The pain points that had taken my Physical Therapist months to find he found in minutes. He focused on the areas that needed it most without interrupting the “flow” and even formulated a plan for what he would do differently next time. Easily the best massage I’ve EVER had. Ask for Cody!!!
~ Jen B.

Laura from Back 2 Perfect is the bomb!
I came into Laura’s care with severe pain and discomfort in my left knee from an old injury. Laura was able to pinpoint the source of my pain and through both theraputic masssge & electrolight stimulation treatment I am feeling much better with less pain. I am certain that with additional cold laser treatment and massage that I am going to be able to avoid surgery.
~ Pat C.