What We Do

Therapeutic Body Massage and Skincare

Imagine your body coming back into alignment, healing itself, as you bring it back to it’s perfect state of being.

With a therapeutic body massage by Laura Cartwright and her team, you become a partner in your own journey back to perfect health.

Our bodies are made to be healthy and take care of themselves. When you feel pain, it is your body’s way of telling you that something is wrong. By listening and becoming more aware of your body and it’s many calls for help, our massage therapists can easily help you become a partner in your own journey back to health.

Our massage therapy is more than just feeling good, it is designed to help you:

  • Feel better than you have in years, with regular therapeutic massage therapy
  • Experience full healing of injured areas
  • Learn to be a partner in your body’s health and well-being

With facials and skincare you will:

  • Surgery-free facelifts
  • Take years off your skin and look younger, more alive
  • Nourish and care for the skin and face

Laura and her group of therapists have a unique, intuitive way of working with the body. They are able to feel into exactly what the body needs. With just the right movement and touch, they will stretch muscles, increase circulation where needed, and move your body so that it opens and releases blocked energy.

Call today, and start feeling better NOW!